Beautiful Dulhan Hands Bridal Mehndi Designs HD Images


Beautiful bridal hands and feet mehndi designs has been a tradition for many decades especially in Pakistan and India. Henna is like a tribute and a culture in the Asian and Arab countries and it is extending in the western world as well.

A bride is incomplete without the application of Mehandi on her hands and feet and thus, the pattern that has to be applied on the hands of the bride is planned with perfection.  A mehndi artist is called to apply the selected beautiful styles on the hands of Dulhan.

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Henna designers have worked with zeal and zest to introduce many eye-catching and beautiful dulhan mehndi designs to be formed on the hands of the brides. These designs include many amazing styles and some of them are

  • Peacock design
  • Floral style
  • Simple and delicate
  • Geometrical design
  • Carries henna style

Some of these mehndi designs are very complicated, some are simple, and there are many other styles as well. These styles are presented to the bride and she selects the one she likes the most to be applied on her beautiful hands to enhance their look.


Thus, we are well aware that as the wedding season starts, brides and all her lady friends become very keen and extra careful about the new henna mehndi designs and its application and, therefore, the henna designers have to work with utmost care to make the hands of every girl and especially the bride to look elegant and beautiful with the henna patterns.

Types of Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands

The henna pattern applied on the hands of the bride should be flawless and elegant. Thus, the henna experts try their best to apply the perfect and spotless design on the hands of the bride because there is no room for error in this case. There are many types of Dulhan hands henna designs to select from. Here are some of them:

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  1. Paisley mehndi pattern
  2. Arabic designs
  3. Khaleeji pattern
  4. Floral henna style
  5. Swirl design
  6. Split and single mandala
  7. Elephant motif
  8. Royal bridal henna design

Most brides like their hands to be beautified with the Arabic henna design from the tip of the fingers to the elbow and some prefer it simple and unique mehndi designs. It is up to the Dulhan what she likes and the artist makes sure to satisfy her with a splendid and classy design that no one will be able to get his or her eyes off her hands.

Stylish Dulhan Front Hand mehndi wallpaper hd

Brides wants their hands to look the best and distinctive and thus often they embellish their henna with glitter and stones to look more splendid and eye-catching. There are many gorgeous and stylish bridal mehandi design to select from and thus, a Dulhan can select the pattern she likes the most to make her hands look marvelous and extraordinary on her special big day.

So pick your most favorite and beautiful Dulhan Mehandi henna designs for hands and hire a mehndi expert to apply it on your hands and feet so that you have the best pattern on your big day.