Bridal Wedding Lehenga Choli New Designs Sharara Gharara


To wear a Open Shirt Lehenga Choli, Sharara and Gharara on a wedding or a celebration has been a tradition in Pakistan and India since a long time and it holds strong place in the hearts of women as it is considered a culture. The history of this dress goes back to the Mughal Empire because their women used to wear these beautiful bridal dresses.

Girls on a wedding, engagement, religious festival or a celebration as a tradition usually wear them. These dresses are fabricated mostly by soft and chic materials that give it a beautiful fall. The materials mostly used are chiffon, silk and satin. These dresses are considered as the classiest dress a girl wears on her big day. Many famous fashion designers are working to give this traditional dress a new look that will enhance its elegance and value in the hearts of the people.

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Bridal Lehenga choli dress never goes out of fashion; with an innovation, it is always present among us. Girls who dream of wearing a designer made stylish bridal Lehenga on their wedding have to spend a large sum of money.

These Lehengas are not only known because of the fabric but are also beatified by the use of stones, patches and motifs. Many people didn’t know the difference between Sharara and Gharara. Different designers fabricate different and stunning styles of bridal Sharara & Gharara and here are a few of them.

Tail Sharara Bridal Dress


This Sharara is designed with such delicacy that its backside falls on the floor and is dragged behind it. It can be paired with a long or short shirt whatever suits you best. This dress looks simply elegant when the bride walks with it.

Three Layered Lehenga


It is a creative style bridal Lehenga consisting of three layers. The layers are mostly made from coordinated colors to enhance the grace of the dress. This bridal Lehenga is mostly paired with a short shirt, which adds class to the beauty of the dress.

Lehenga Paired with Open Shirt

Beautiful Open Shirt Style Lehenga Dress in Off White Color

It is the latest and most attractive design of the bridal dress. It consists of a long open shirt dress paired with the Sharara, which looks stunning and turn all the eyes towards the girl wearing it.

Farshi Lehenga


It is traditional kind of bridal dress that is introduced into fashion again. This Lehenga requires more material to increase its spread, which makes it look splendid. It is mostly paired with a short kurti.

Lehenga Paired with Anarkali Choli


The Anarkali Choli is paired with the Lehenga, which look extremely beautiful bridal wear. The Anarkali Choli is made by combining several colors on a plain Lehenga, which gives it a simply elegant look.

Lehenga and Long Choli


Long shirts are new in fashion, are also fabricated with the bridal Lehenga and look extremely splendid. It makes the bride look like a princess. The long Choli is made by combination of catchy and gorgeous colors, which makes it an ideal bridal wear for both barat and walima function.

Lehenga and Open Coat Shirt


In modern fashion, Sharara is paired with an open coat shirt, which is very eye-catching and stunning. The shirt is stitched with such perfection that it gives the image of an open coat over the Lehenga that look simply amazing. It is made with combining beautiful colors and unique fabric.

Gharara with Short Choli


As traditional dresses are becoming the latest fashions trend and so have this Gharara Choli has been again introduced in fashion.  It is loved by the young girls and thus has caught the attention of the designers. It looks very elegant with bansari touch embroidery and a Short Choli paired with it.

Latest Sharara Walima Dress


Sharara signifies a light dress made for the reception. It is usually styled with simplicity and elegance and mostly preferred to be worn on Walima. It can be paired with a long and short kurti and is beatified with stonework.

Sharara with Long Choli

It is the most preferred dress on a wedding and the first choice of most of the modern girls. Sharara paired with long Choli simply looks stunning and takes the heart away in the first look. It is the most beautiful and elegant bridal wear dress for Indian Muslim and Hindu girls.

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So these are the latest fashion trends of new bridal wear dresses in both the countries. You can choose a beautiful sharara or gharara for your big day. Mostly Indian girls likes to wear Lehenaga Choli with Anarkali frock touch on wedding day. We have compiled all the detail here. So choose wisely. Best of Luck!