Difference Between Sharara and Gharara Lehenga Dress

Sharara and Gharara Lehenga are the traditional wedding dresses in India and Pakistan. These are the popular bridal dresses in sub-continent. Mostly modern girls and women likes to wear these beautiful outfits on wedding and engagement functions.

Here is the difference between a Sharara and Gharara

Gharara and Sharara are not particularly different from each other. There is only a slight difference between them that can be only indicated by a tailor or a fashion designer.

Sharara (Lehenga)


It is commonly known as Lehenga. Sharara Lehenga is like a long skirt that has a beautiful fall. It is usually long and reaches the floor. It also has flare and plaits. It is mostly paired with a long or short kurti. This dress is very stylish and also popular among young girls.

Gharara (Farshi Pajama)

The Sharara split in two like a trouser is called a Gharara. It has flares at the knee level and looks very classy. It is mostly paired with a short kurti and looks extremely gorgeous. It is also known as Farshi Pajama. You can also have this for your wedding day to look stunning and beautiful bride.


Both the above mentioned wedding dresses will be available at any famous boutique in your city. The stylish bridal dresses stated are assembled to help you choose the best one for you that will make you look elegant and gorgeous on the big day.

We hope that now you know the difference between a Sharara and Gharara lehenga and can confidently select your bridal wear that will turn every head in your direction on your wedding day because of your beauty and elegance.