Dr Khurram Mushir Fairness Cream for Glowing Whitening Skin at Home


Shimmers and makeups might make your skin glow, but the real beauty is in glowing skin. Dr. Khurram Mushir skin whitening cream claims the same. This cream uses the most natural and harmless ingredients, which are widely available in your kitchen and also are cheap.

This homemade Skin whitening Cream lightens and brightens up your face tone and brings a natural glow that no makeup can. The cream is a composite of 5 simple ingredients but don’t forget to mix them in the right proportion because that’s how the cream works. Here is the list of the ingredients alongside the right proportion of each:

Cream Ingredients

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Cream – 20 gm
  2. Lemon’s crushed with skin – 1 piece
  3. Rose water – as per requirement
  4. Vitamin E capsules – 4 to 5
  5. Petroleum Jelly – Just a little


Mix all these ingredients and make a thick potion. Apply it on your skin overnight regularly for best results.  Alpha Hydroxy Cream is the ingredient that requires most attention, not only this is the main ingredient of this beauty product but also this is the most tricky one.

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Alpha Hydroxy Cream can burn your skin if applied directly because of its composition, YES! It is the magical ingredient of the Dr Khurram Mushir Fairness Cream that lightens your skin tone but NO! A little more of this will not make you look like snow white.

Beauty always required patience and this is the thing absolutely absent in us. We want a spotless glowing skin all at once but my dear ones you might have heard the famous proverb “Nothing worth having comes easy”. So apply this cream till desired results. If you have any query about this cream then you can ask in the comment box. Best of luck!