Dr Umme Raheel Weight Loss Tips in Urdu Herbal Tea Recipe

Dr Umme Raheel Weight Loss Tips in Urdu Herbal Tea Reduce Weight

Dr Umme Raheel is the famous Pakistani herbalist. Her beauty tips are very popular among and women and girls. Dr Umme Raheel Participate in Good Morning Pakistan of ARY Digital Show, where she tells live herbal tips for weight loss, skin whitening. Dr Umme Raheel Weight Loss Tips are very popular among fat ladies. Her weight loss herbal tea that is made by herbs are very effective to reduce weight easily and fast. Dr Umme Raheel also getting popularity like Zubaida Tariq Tips and Totkay.

Dr Umme Raheel Weight Loss Tips

Today we bring the easy weight loss tea recipe by Dr Umme Raheel that can be very effective for men, women, boys and girls. You can prepare this tea at your home by simple ingredients. Every one wants to look beautiful and slim so this weight loss tea helps you to get the figure you desire. This tea will burn the extra body fat and you will get a beautiful shape. This tea also helps to control the cholesterol level of your body. Lets talk about the weight loss recipe by Umme Raheel. You just need to follow the following simple steps to made this wonderful tea at home.

Dr Umme Raheel Weight Loss Tea


  1. Spinach
  2. Wheat grass
  3. Fresh dil
  4. Fresh fenugreek leaves
  5. Fresh corainder
  6. Fresh mint leaves
  7. Peppermint leaves
  8. Tea: jasmine or any kind of tea
  9. Honey
  10. Lemon juice


  • Take equal quantity of spinach, wheatgrass, dil, fenugreek leaves, coriander, mint and peppermint leaves, dry them in the shade (not under the sun).
  • Then add any kind of tea and make powder of all ingredients.
  • Then keep in clean and dry jar.
  • Whenever you want to use, add 1/4 tsp of this powder in a cup, add boiling water along with lemon juice and honey to taste.
  • Drink it twice a day.

Well above is the complete guide of weight loss tea. Just follow the mentioned steps and get a shapely body. Hope this recipe also helpful to you to sheds the extra fat.