Eid Mehandi Designs Indian Gulf Khaleeji Henna Images

Eid Mehndi Designs Indian Gulf Khaleeji Henna Images 2015

Best easy mehndi designs for hands and feet. Eid mehandi designs gulf khaleeji style omani Arabic Henna Indian Mehndi Images HD Wallpaper for Hands. Stylish Pakistani mehndi style pictures for women and girls.

Stylish Mehandi Image for Hand Henna Pattern Style for Girls

Mehandi is used for weddings, EID and some people also go for the temporary Henna tattoos and patterns. The henna tattoos are normally small in size such as a heart or a bird sign but the traditional elegant mehandi designs are typically taken on by females on holidays such as Eid. The mehndi designs are unique and famous just because of its beautiful and eye catching patterns.

Eid Mehndi Design Image for Hands 2015 2016
Eid Mehndi Designs Images for Hands

The good thing about the Mehndi is that you can make it look good in any way you prefer; from loops to flower design and you can even go for the simple mehndi designs. Sometimes ladies prefer go it on the little finger and leave the rest of the fingers blank.

Simple Indian Hand Mehndi Design for Eid Black Mehandi
Pakistani Eid Mehndi Design for Hand Image

Brides also prefer small and simple henna designs on the feet while others prefer heavy designs till the ankles. It is all about which design is preferred by the bride and how much the artist is creative. Except the bride, the close friends and the relatives also put mehndi design on their hands but they are not heavy like the bride’s design.

Indian Mehndi Design Eid Hand Photo

Gulf Dubai, UAE, Omani Style Henna Designs

Gulf Style UAE, Arabic Henna Design is used for weddings and on the traditional functions in the Gulf.  Gulf Style, as the name itself suggests has been adopted from the Gulf people and this style is extremely popular in the Gulf, Dubai, KSA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, Khaleeji India South Asia and Middle East. The application of this type of Henna is totally similar to the other types of henna styles, but this design is different from the rest of design to some extent.

Full Hands Beautiful Mehndi Henna Image for Girls

This design does not cover the whole hands, body and feet, this style is all about to be a smaller amount of details and also less complicated. Gulf style henna design normally consists of the floral patterns and another important aspect of this design is that, you don’t have to use any animals or human pictures in this design. Along with this mehandi designs, you can also decorated your hands with the unique color, patches and the glitter materials.

Simple Khaleeji Henna Design for Hands Eid Mehndi Image
Easy Khaleeji Henna Design for Hands Eid Mehndi Image

In India, Gulf Style is captured on the hands in two colors, brown and black, but the basic purpose of both colors of henna is to make the palms and feet beautiful. This style begins from the fingers and ends on the elbows.

Stylish Eid Mehandi Design for Hands Gulf Style

This is the latest collection of easy henna home mehndi designs pics for hand. I hope you will like these mehndi images and choose one of them for Eid. Now a days girls likes to apply simple eid mehndi pattern. Comment below about the post.