Face Mask for Oily Skin Tips in Urdu Homemade

Oily Skin Face Mask in Urdu at Home for Girls and Women. Best Kitchen Ingredients Skin Care Facemask for Oily Skin for Women.

Face Mask for Oily Skin Urdu Home
Face Mask for Oily Skin Urdu Home

Oily skin is a powerful magnet that attracts dirt. This is why you should use lemon as a primary ingredient in this recipe, for it is an active grease-cutting ingredient that cleanses the messy oily skin. The other ingredient, oatmeal, is blessed with chemicals known as saponians that have intense cleansing properties.

The final ingredient is yogurt, which contains zinc and performs the dual action as an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces red swellings caused by acne/rashes and also a mild anti-astringent agent that helps tighten facial tissues. So, all these ingredients blended together create a perfect magical potion for oily/combination skin.

½ cup instant oat powder (Just grind oats from the packet to get a fine powder)
1 tablespoon yogurt
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients together and apply with a brush. Leave it on for around 15 minutes or until the face pack dries up. Enjoy your time and relax.

Oily Skin Face Mask in Urdu at Home

Oily Skin Face Mask in Urdu