Faiza Beauty Cream 223190 Side Effects, Review, Price, Ingredients

Faiza Beauty Cream 223190 Reviews, Side Effects, Price in Pakistan and Original Ingredients. Faiza Whitening Cream for Girls and Boys.

Faiza Beauty Cream

To remove pimples, freckles and blackness of the face. Faiza 223190 Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white color face. Within few days of usage, you will feel the difference. Faiza Whitening Cream refines the natural freshness and beauty of the skin.

Faiza Beauty Cream SMS Verification System:

Faiza Beauty Cream SMS Verification System


Faiza Beauty Cream is founded by Riaz Ahmed Poonia & Fiaz Ahmed Poonia (Poonia Brothers Pakistan) in 1990. Real Faiza Beauty Cream Trade Mark Number is 223190.

How to Apply

Wash your face and dry it. Apply Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream in very small quantity. At night after applying the cream, do not rub or massage. Rather leave it on your skin and use it in morning and night.

Why Faiza Beauty Cream is Important for Radiant Skin?

A face cream will keep your skin hydrated and looking great. Using a face cream can make a world of difference to your skin. Whether your skin is dry, mature, oily or combination, a face cream can help improve the look and feel of your skin.

Applying a Faiza Beauty Cream 223190 can really make a huge difference in improving the look and feel of your skin. Here are just a few benefits of a faiza Beauty Cream:

  1. Putting on face faiza beauty cream, can protect your skin against harmful environmental elements, keeping it feeling healthy and smooth.
  2. Using faiza cream can improve your skin’s elasticity, keeping you looking youthful and radiant.
  3. Applying a faiza cream at night can help your skin recover from the day’s damaging elements.
  4. Using a face cream with natural ingredients will not irritate sensitive skin, and will result in the better overall appearance of your skin.

Faiza Beauty Cream Side Effects

This cream has won the best skin lightening cream award in 2014. Some people has very positive reviews about faiza beauty cream but some have serious concerns. Following is the side effects of Faiza beauty cream

  1. This cream can cause skin cancer and disturb your skin hormones.
  2. If you use any other cream after faiza then it can burn your face and cause cancer.
  3. You will lightening skin in early days but after 3 to 4 week it will shows some side effects.

Faiza Beauty Lightening Cream has come a long way over the years. Skin and beauty experts have found that adding natural ingredients to Faiza Beauty Cream such as vitamins and SPF factor have helped to turn face cream into much more than a hydration product for your skin.

On the beauty end, this cream penetrates the deepest layers of the skin where it actually binds water in the horny skin layers, plumping up the skin for a firm, supple, wrinkle-free appearance, (water retention within skin cells gives skin its elasticity and wrinkle-free appearance) providing skin renewal and benefits that other formulas cannot.

This cream is naturally found in healthy, young skin and is an important part of your skin’s natural, moisturizing system.

Pakistani Faiza Beauty Cream is a scientifically proven moisturizer and is a far better moisturizer and skin treatment than even the most expensive oil-based creams or lotions that you can buy or get as a prescription from your doctor.