Fancy Maxi Dresses with Sleeves Anarkali Frocks Latest Designs 2017 2018

Anarkali is known as the symbol of love, beauty and sacrifice in India and Pakistan. She was a brave slave girl from the harem of Mughal emperor and was executed for she dared to love the young prince who was next in line to become the king of subcontinent. Anarkali died, but still is remembered by many across the world whenever the topic of love, beauty and frocks is discussed.

Yes! Anarkali Frocks are in fashion for centuries now these beautiful maxi frocks with vibrant colors and decoration rule the fashion scene of Pakistan and India and are never going to leave the scene for sure.

Maxi Style Anarkali Frocks are short body frocks, having full sleeves most of the times but some designs are available which are sleeveless. The designs of these frocks vary in terms of length some are knee length and some are floor length but the thing common in all of them is that they have a lot of flare. To give these beautiful flare, many triangular pieces of clothes are joined together to make a conic shape that is later attached to the body of the frock.

The latest trend in such frocks is maxi with sleeves Anarkali Suit. This Anarkali Frock dresses is just like any other western maxi dress but in Anarkali Style. These dresses don’t have long trains and are in one length all around. The length adds to the beauty of these dresses as the designers get more space to do embroidery and place beads and pearls. These dresses are no doubt a mix of western and eastern culture; look stunning with all the lively embellishments, patch work, stonework, laces and zari work.

Maxi Style Anarkali Dresses

These dresses are available in one color tone and also in two or multiple color tones in fashion market. The colors that are commonly used in these dresses are red, pink, orange and black with the embroidery done in silver and gold. Apart from the colors these dresses are often made using different fabrics too. The most famous of these fabrics are jamawar and banarsi jamawar.

Also, these dresses are available in different price ranges starting from a few thousands are reaching up to some lac. Yes, a Fancy Anarkali Frock can cost you a few lac too. The dresses available that cost you a few lac use real gold plated wires for embroidery and real pearls for decoration.

These expensive frock suits are worn by brides on their wedding days with heavy gold jewelry in southern parts of India mainly. To add more flare to these suits an additional petticoat is added that beautifies the shape of the dress.

Net Maxi Anarkali Frock are famous in teenage girls more than elderly women. The reason behind their popularity is that these dresses give a trendy and eastern look at the same time; they make you look thinner and taller.

So the new designs of long Anarkali Suit with full sleeves maxi dress is a must for every girl’s wardrobe. Do grab one for you because it fits all occasions be it wedding, Eid or a farewell party.