Gulf UAE Dubai Henna Designs Emirati Khaleeji Mehndi Pics

Latest HD Wallpaper Pictures of Gulf UAE Dubai Mehndi Henna Designs for Feet and Hands. Black Khaleeji Henna Emirati Mehndi Designs Photo Facebook Images.

Simple Mehndi Design
Simple Mehndi Design

Mughals are the one who brought Mehndi to India in 15th century AD. With the popularity of Henna art, its techniques of applications and patterns became more stylish. Nowadays a wide range of attractive Mehndi designs for hands and the feet are applied by females around the world.


The origins of Henna Mehndi art can be found to North Africa. Mehndi is considered to be the most important accessories of weddings, traditions and centenaries. These henna designs enhance the woman’s hands look, and also bring plotting to the bride and wedding guests.


There are different types of mehndi designs that are famous nowadays. Westernized concepts and Arabic patterns for bridal mehndi, as well as traditional mehndi designs are in demand.

Emirates Henna Design

The popularity of henna art in Emirates is a modern phenomenon. Today, in the Emirates, Mehndi is considered a stylish alternative to long-lasting tattoos. Various people have made this painless body painting art popular by beautifying themselves with attractive henna tattoos.


Just because of increasing interest many girls are getting training on the Emirates Henna Design. The basic purpose of Black Emarati Henna designs for feet and hands is to make the women look pretty. There are various types of Emirati Mehndi design from the heavy up to the simple mehndi designs and low patterned designs also.

Khaleeji Henna designs


Khaleeji Henna designs is also quite popular among women. Khaleeji Mehndi designs are applied on hands and feet during various festivals. A large dot in the centre of the hand, with many small dots at the palms sides is the famous design of the Khaleeji pattern. Khaleeji henna mehndi designs for feet and hands is considered to be the most difficult and stunning Mehndi styles. Many catalogues also available such as florals and small designs that women’s can copy if they want.


Gulf UAE Dubai Henna Design

Gaining in popularity is the Gulf UAE Dubai Henna Design. These Designs are very attractive but can produce by using a variety of Design. Gulf UAE Dubai Mehndi designs are abundant and the most popular include flowers, leafy, and flowery designs. These designs are very flexible and one can put on any part of the body but hands are considered to be the most popular area and females usually placed on the hands.


Just because of the fun value, cool, and painless application Henna is famous. Many web sites providing free mehndi designs pics for free for the females. Henna is not temporary and also not requires a lifetime commitment similar to the real tattoos.

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