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Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips is the very famous terms around the glob. Young generations surfing internet for beauty tips. Zubaida Tariq Totkay and beauty tips are very famous in Pakistan among girls. I am posting here some beat beauty secret for you to enhance your personality and style.

Beauty Tips

It’s the right of women to look beautiful and usually they are highly conscious about their beauty. The first and foremost area in beauty care is facial beauty. Skin care is necessary and there are many ways to achieve it like different kinds of facials, skin polishing, manicure, pedicure etc.

women use castor oil and mustard oil to get rid of the pimple marks and to get long eye lashes. They use many anti aging creams to look younger than their original age.

Green tea is a popular anti age solution both for men and women. The trend of face surgery is common among actors and actresses. Usage of milk, yogurt, orange and apple juice and application of lime on skin is common for skin freshness and health. There are also many beauty creams/products in market to get a fair complexion like Ponds, Fair n lovely, dove etc.

The most attractive feature in ladies is long and healthy hair. Oiling is most important in this respect. With the passage of time hair styling also become advanced as there are many styles of braids, bun, puffs etc. it is essential to be careful in choosing hair shampoo as many low quality shampoos can harm your hair in different ways.

Hair Falling Tips

Hair Falling becomes the common problem now a days among young boys and girls. Here are some tips for to reduce hair falling.

1: Mix one table spoon of mustard seed in a cup of boiled water and stir it for five minutes. After that drink the solution. This will help in resolving the deficiencies of many vitamins.

2: Make a mixture of almond oil and mustard oil but both oils should be in equal proportions. Massage your hair with this mixture and then leave it for 45 minutes. After that clean your hair with shampoo. This will help to strengthen your hair roots.

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Beauty Tips in Urdu is your complete fashion bag where you can find all latest fashion trends, beauty tips for skin, hair, lips, anti ageing creams and much more. Thanks for reading this article.