How to Do Smokey Eyes Makeup Trends Step by Step Tutorial

How to Do Smokey Eyes Makeup, Step by Step Guide is the today topic. I will cover latest makeup trends with lipstick and fashion guide.

How to have Smokey Eyes Makeup
How to have Smokey Eyes Makeup Guide

Makeup is used to enhance the beauty and face features. Ancient Egypt and Romans paint their faces to enhance their beauty. However, makeup trends also changes just like the fashion trends with the passage of time. No one can underestimate the importance of makeup trend because the right kind of smokey eyes makeup improves your personality.

2013 was all about bold, daring lip color like lips, ombre, deep ruby and black lips also. However, it was all about the last year look. 2014 is all about being bright and displaying your natural beauty. If you want to know about the latest makeup trend, read below.

After reading, it’s time to visit the mall to pick up some of the below mentioned recommendations that will defiantly help you to achieve the 2015 look. You can create various looks by using same shades, brands and makeup methods of makeup that you used last year.

Smoky Eyes

Smokey Eyes Makeup is still counted as the 2015 trend. You can give a new look to your Smokey Eyes with the help of other fashion trends. Smokey Eyes Makeup is perfect for night time use. Following is the step by step how to do smokey eye makeup tutorial.

How to do Smokey Eyes Makeup Step by Step Guide

It’s quite easy to have Smokey Eyes. I’m going to tell you how to get Smokey eye makeup step by step guide so you can rock this!

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial
Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial
  1. Prefer the medium sized eye shadow brush to put on white toned eye shadow from the eyelid bottom to your eyebrow. Don’t apply too much, just enough that gives you a clean base to work on.
  2. With the help of the black eyeliner line the both lids tops, but not too heavily.
  3. With the medium eye shadow brush, put on the light grey eye shadow over your eyelid.
  4. To apply black eye shadow on your eyelid Use a small eye shadow on your eyelid.
  5. Apply eyeliner under your eyes, for daytime apply it lightly and heavier for night functions.
  6. Top and bottom Apply black mascara.
  7. Curl them.
  8. Go out and display them off!

Hope you will like this how to do smokey eyes makeup tutorial. Comment below for appreciation. Thanks for reading