Indian Mehandi Designs Free Download HD Wallpaper Henna

Indian Mehndi Designs Free Download HD Wallpaper Henna Pictures

When we talk on a broad basis, there are two kinds of Mehandi designs – Indian and Arabic. In this article we will talk about the Indian Mehandi Designs. Latest Indian Mehndi Designs are very popular in all over the world. Indian Henna Mehndi is one of the most commonly known types of henna. This design is composed of large floral patterns that beautify the women hands and feet.

As compared to the Arabic Mehandi designs, Indian designs are more beautiful and simple to draw. Indian designs are all about the stylish work which fills your palm. Ladies prefer the Peacocks, mangoes and flower figures in this pattern.

And the bridal version of Indian Mehndi is much more stylish and eye catching. Traditionally, the name of the groom is artistically draws on the bride’s palm with the Mehandi in the middle of the elaborate design. Best Mehndi designs are usually extends up to the elbows.

Indian Mehndi designs are very different from the other designs. Typically, there is not much difficulty in Indian Mehndi styles. This design is all about the large outlines and the inner space is filled with lines and dots. The beauty of these designs relies on the blank spaces which also highlight the bold designs.

Indian henna patterns are popularly applied on the festivals and functions. Indian Mehendi Henna designs 2016 are extremely eye catching and unique. Many people prefer these designs because they look stylish, yet chick and traditional.

If we see from the Cultural point of view, application of Mehndi is considered to be very significant. Being has the antiseptic power to protect against the infections and this is the reason behind the application of Mehndi on the palms and feet of brides and grooms.

Weddings are the normally affair in India, which is compromising many rituals, customs and traditions. Henna is typically applied during special occasions like weddings and festivals. Wedding or any type of holy event looks incomplete without Mehandi function Rasm in India.

Weddings being the most important day in one’s life and these styish mehndi¬† patterns become an ornament for the beautiful brides. Engagements, after have a baby and family gotten-togethers are also reasons for women to wear Mehndi designs and tattoos.

The basic purpose of Indian henna designs 2016 is to make the hand beautiful and awesome without spending too much powder on the floral patterns on hands and palm. All kinds of patterns from Arabic Henna of Pakistani and Indian Designs are looking similar to each other. But every design has its own uniqueness and quality.

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So the are the beautiful, simple and stylish Indian Henna Designs HD Wallpapers. We have selected the designs from facebook, pinterest and youtube, You can download the Indian Mehandi Designs Images at your smartphone gallery or desktop for free. Hope you will like this post comment below about the designs.