Multani Mitti Face Pack & Mask for Acne, Pimples & Glowing Skin

Multani Mitti Face Packs for Pinkish Glow, Smooth & Clear Pimples Free Skin


Multani Mitti also famous as fuller’s mud is a natural skin cleanser and a very budget friendly skin glowing product. It has many extraordinary benefits for skin including removal of oil, dead cell and dirt. It also makes the skin look fresh and glowing.

Multani Mitti Facial Face Packs are very popular among Pakistani and Indian women to make their skin clean, beautiful and fresh. So you can say that it is a traditional beauty product.

It is also very beneficial for the removal of bacteria and dirt from the skin because of its lime contents, which makes it an ideal product for oily and skin suffering from acne. It also leaves the skin cool and fresh. It also has an anti aging effect thus it tightens the skin preventing it from lines and wrinkles.

Here is the list of the best benefits of Multani Mitti for Glowing Beautiful Pimples Free Skin.

Glowing Skin

Mix Multani mitti with sandalwood and tomato juice and apply on the face. It will help to reduce the facial spots and add a dash of turmeric to get your desired glowing skin.

To Get Rid of Pimples and Acne

If you apply a paste made from Neem leaves and Multani mitti you will eventually get rid of those ugly pimples and acne spots. And once these pimple and spots are removed your skin will look fairer and will have its natural glow back.

Removes Oil from Skin

Multani mitti works wonders on the oily skin. We all know that oily skin is the cause of pimples and acne and many other skin problems. It is the savior for those suffering from the oily skin. By absorbing the extra oil from the skin, it leaves the skin soft and smooth, thus, prevent your skin from pimples as well.

Get Soft Skin

Application of Multani mitti mixed with almonds and milk make the skin soft like a baby’s skin. So try this to get a soft and beautiful healthy skin.

For Cleansing, Scrubbing and Toning

It is natural beauty product that has all the three capabilities; it can be used as a scrub, cleanser and toner. It cleans and makes your skin have a natural glow. It also improves your skin tone and removes all the impurities from the skin pores making your face look fresh and gorgeous.

Skin Inflammation

If you are suffering from skin allergy due to any cosmetic product, pollution or the sun then Multani mitti has an amazing cooling effect that will relieve you of the irritating sensation and give you quick relief.

For Even Skin Tone

It is an extraordinary natural remedy for the uneven skin tone. Mix ¼ tsp of Multani mitti with 1 egg white beaten and one tablespoon yogurt, apply it on skin and have the flawless and radiant even skin tone.

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Thus instead of using chemical based cosmetic products, you should go for the natural Multani mitti mask and face pack for beautiful glowing Acne and Pimples Free Skin. These masks are full of many beneficial effects for the skin and body and has no side effects. It will make your skin radiate and have a natural glow. Multani mitti is your best companion in the skin care routine. Do leave a comment about this article.