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Women are known as the ornament of beauty for the world and they know clothing as the means to add beauty to their body. Styles, cuts, cloth type, decoration of the dress are no doubt important but the choice of new neck designs is most important. Many among us don’t know its importance and often choose the wrong neck style. You may not believe but a wrong choice can make you look fatter and as a lady no one wants that, Right.


People say that thinking makes a king, but I beg to differ. If a person is not wearing appropriate dress, jewelry and fails to maintain an impression he can never be a king. Clothing holds an important position in one’s life, be it a wedding, a festival or just a day at office not only women but men also wish to look good.


For women, trends change faster than a chameleon changes colors and to cope up with the fashion world. As a women you always have to struggle more than men. If you are busy for a month or two you will probably miss the latest trend and look like an old fashion freak at a gathering.


There are many beautiful neck designs books available that can add beauty to your body and your dress but before choosing any keep in mind a few tips:


1.    If your bust is heavy DO NOT go for a high neck design, DO NOT add frills to your neck and if your bust is not much heavy you can do vice versa.

2.    If you wish to carry a huge bun or your face is a bit bulky go for round neck designs or V shape neck styles. Designers say that these styles compensate and give you a skinnier look.

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3.    If you are a little chubby and can’t wear low neck designs, designers say wear a watermelon cut neck design

We are done with the tips so it’s time to discuss the designs for particular styles of dresses.

Frock Suit Neck Designs:


I think frocks can never be out of fashion. With some transitions the designers always keep frocks trending. Talking particularly about the neck designs for frock suits mostly high neck, bans and round neck are preferred by designers.


The reason behind choosing them is that they give a lot of room for decoration. Different patches of embroidery can be added on the corners, silk cloth patches in contrast, beads and pearls as per your likes.


Kurti/Tunics Neck Gala Designs:

Kurti also known as Tunics in the modern world. This dress made their way in the fashion industry basically because they can be worn on jeans and tights and are suitable for our society. The neck designs for kurti/tunics are complex.


New Fashion Drop Shoulder Gala Designs

Now a days, drop shoulder neck design are trending. These gala designs have elastic in the neck line and are worn in such a way that your shoulders are exposed.


Collar Neck Designs 2017

Collar neck designs are also in fashion and give your dress a very classy and decent look. If you are dressing for an office meeting then collar or ban gala designs are better than any others.


To sum up a little advice from my side before choosing to follow any new fashion trend do keep this in mind that you should only wear what suits your physique. The trends are just our slaves and if this one is not up to the mark the next one will be. Don’t stop trying, Don’t give up we all are meant to look beautiful.