Pakistani Beautiful Mehndi Designs 2017 New Style Images for Hands


Embellishing hands with the simple and beautiful Pakistani mehndi designs has been in culture since ancient time. The popularity of this art is increasing rapidly and not only in sub-continent henna is applied by women around the world.

Girls decorate their hands with easy and stylish henna designs to gain the attention and enhance the beauty. The artists have introduced many new styles of mehndi for girls. They are used to embellish the hands on special occasions like weddings, Eid, religious ceremonies, and events.


Girls mostly prefer to have the unique mehndi styles, as they are easy and quick to apply. The henna designers have introduced many attractive and elegant patterns that can be applied on any occasion. They are not only simple but will also attract every eye towards the girl’s hand who has applied it.


Some of the popular mehndi designs and styles that girl’s love now a days are:

  • Floral henna pattern
  • Peacock design
  • Arabic mehndi style
  • Rajasthani henna
  • Marwari  mehndi design
  • Khaleeji henna pattern

As mehndi designs are getting popular, it has become a trend in many countries to apply it on every occasion.  Girls love to learn how to draw the simple mehandi design and show their creativity.

Tiki Mehndi Design for Girls hand

Pakistani Mehndi Henna Designs for Hands:

Girls like to have their hands embellished with Pakistani mehndi designs that will make her look elegant and classy. Most of the time after the application of henna it is furthermore beautified with glitter and stones.


Women like to have simple floral designs with unique patterns that join the flowers. Simple and unique styles are mostly liked as they make the hands look classy and splendid. The stones and glitter used to decorate the henna mostly matches the color of the dress that girl is going to wear.


Many exquisite and new patterns are available that will make the hands look elegant and attractive. The girls idealize easy mehndi design for hands because they are the most creative and splendid mehandi styles.

Both Sides Back Hand Mehndi Designs:

On special occasions like Eid and wedding, henna is applied on both sides of the hands. The pattern on the front side is mostly complicated and beautiful. While the styles made on the back hand are mostly kept simple and attractive.

Simple Yet Stylish hands Mehndi Design for Pakistani Girls

While applying mehndi on both sides of the hands, girls prefer to have the floral patterns on the front and a simple tiki design on the backside. It enhances the personality and look. There are many eye-catching styles made by the mehandi designers.

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The styles for both sides of the hands are mostly beautified with small details and unique patterns. These designs are perfect for the family functions and gatherings like, Eid, parties, engagements and weddings as well.


So select a beautiful mehndi design that you want to embellish your hands with and get it applied by a professional henna artist. So that you can attract every eye towards the henna pattern that you have decorated your hands with.