Pakistani Straight Cut Salwar Kameez Suit with Capri Pants for Women

Top Pakistani fashion designers recently launched their latest collection of Straight Cut Salwar Kameez Suit with Capri Pants New Designs 2017 for women. College girls and housewives likes these designs for casual and formal wear.


Studying and writing about new fashion trends made me believe that fashion industry trends revolve in a circular motion. There are only a handful of trends that keep on repeating themselves one after another. Yet some trends came ages ago and always remain in fashion with a few amendments. Pakistani Shalwar Kameez suit tops the list in those kinds of fashion. This is a simple yet stylish dress both for men and women.


Pakistani Straight Cut Salwar Kameez Suit

Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan and is also famous in the south Asia like India, Bangladesh. Some people associate it with Muslims yet there are many who belong to other religions are prefer wearing it. In near past the women shalwar was on the urge of becoming instinct. It was replaces by churridar and tights. But it is now back with a bang, Straight Cut Shalwar Kameez or Straight Pant Suits are now the latest trend with short shirts, kameez and frocks.


Various flavors of these pants have been introduced now in the fashion industry and we have divided these styles in two categories the first one is based on “Cuts and Stitching” and the other is on “Types of Decoration”. Let’s discuss them respectively,

Simple Straight Pant Suits:

The simple straight pants with short or long kameez/shirt are the new modern, classic style. This style is not only liked by women but also by the tailors as they are easily stitched. Normally high heels are worn under these but flat shoes and khussas also give a trendy eastern look.


Capri Pants:

These pants are another type of straight pants that are shorter in length basically tea-length exposing the ankles. They are often liked in relaxed fit. Capri Pants is always preferred under short shirts but in near past there was a trend of wearing extremely long, floor-length shirts on them. The choice of shoes are solely dependent on your likes yet designers recommend to wear flats under Capri Straight Cut Pants.


Skinny Straight Pants:

These pants can’t be made by all types of cloth. I mean, the other styles can be made from non-stretchable cloth but if you require skin fit pant you should better choose a stretchable cloth. This type of pants is preferred under kurtis.


Wide-leg Straight Pant Suits:

“The old ladies stuff”. These type of straight cut shalwar kameez suits are famous among the old ladies. They are in loose fit and the length is full i.e. covering the whole leg.


Embroidered Straight Cut Salwar:

The above discussed types are categorized on based of cuts and are too simple. Yet women like wearing these straight cut pants on occasions and festivals so designers have introduced embroidered sleeves for these pants. Vibrant colors and beads are used to decorate these pants and are also famous among brides.


Straight Cut Pants with Pearls:

Sometimes I feel the designers are high on pearls. Pearls are so much in fashion that now any style, any trend looks incomplete without a flavor of pearls. In straight pants these pearls are added in a different way. The sleeve of the pants is cut almost 4 inches above the end and is then joined by pearls. The peeking skin through these pearls give a very stylish look.


These Shalwar Styles are made in all types of cloth and are available in stores across Pakistan. Also this is a must for your wardrobe ladies. These straight cut salwar kameez dress and capri pants are the new arrival fashion for women in the next year 2017. So be ready to purchase these dresses and be a modern and beautiful women.