New Style Punjabi Dhoti Salwar Kameez Patiala Suit Designs Images


Today we will discuss all about Dhoti Salwar Suit with a touch of Patiala style. As far as I remember salwar is in fashion since I was born. Over the years we saw different trend switches of salwar; tight ones, wide ones with pleats etc. Now, I am convinced that salwar will never be out of fashion.


Tired of the same old boring Salwar? You wish a new look this season yet want it to be traditional? A new traditional festival is just around the corner and you can’t decide what to wear? Then we bring to you the latest from the fashion industry, a new style that will enhance your whole personality.


Be it a normal day at home or an occasion. You can choose any Punjabi dress and standout. You can wear this beautiful dress on wedding day, engagement and party function. Let’s discuss in detail the trends of beautiful Dhoti Style Salwar Kameez Designs 2017.


Dhoti is the old traditional dress of Pakistani and Indian Punjab. It is also called Lungi in India. It is basically worn in summers. It is not skin tight and we all know the struggle of wearing tight clothes in summers.


Dhoti is equally famous among men and women in villages even in 21st Century yet the youngsters never loved it that much. Inspired from the traditional dhoti, Dhoti Salwar Suit Cutting is a bit tricky though and it also requires more cloth then the usual salwar kameez dress.

Colors for Dhoti Salwar Suits:


For me the far most important thing is the color of my dress. Lungi Salwar gives your personality a fun loving touch. By this I mean it shows the loud side of your personality so the colors should also be loud. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green are the primary ones. But if you are on a budget you should go for white and black. Why? Of course you can wear almost any color with these salwars.


Kurti Design for Dhoti Salwar Suit:

Only wearing a stylish patiala salwar suit won’t help your look! You have to choose a beautiful kurti design that compliments you Stylish Dhoti Salwar. Rule number one “Wear a short shirt with Dhoti Shalwar” Why, because if you wear a long shirt it will hide the look of your salwar. You can go for band chowk shirts too *provided that you are not chubby* . Some other styles you need to check include Gol Daman Shirts and Deep back neck shirts for for this beautiful Punjabi dress.


Embellishments for Dhoti Salwar Kameez:

If you wish to wear it on an occasion you must add some embroidery or pearl work to your dress. Embroidery on neck of your shirt and on the end/paincha of your salwar is enough for a semi-formal function. If you are wearing it on Mehndi or Mayoon, go for gotta in gold & silver and also rhinestones work to give a traditional and fancy look.


If you wish to look trendy yet traditional this season; Dhoti salwars are a must for your wardrobe. The traditional ethnic look these Beautiful Punjabi Dhoti Salwar Suits provide is priceless. Be it a normal day or a wedding do give them a chance to enhance your personality, for philosophers say “Well dresses people are taken seriously”. Best of Luck!