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Muslim women have a special place of abaya (burqa) in their life since the early times. Muslim women use it all around the world as a symbol of hijab. It is a symbol of sobriety and decorum. Many world famous fashion icons have turned it into world’s haut couture.

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Abaya is available in many unique designs and colors that will give you the sense of safety and fashion at the same time. Burqa has evolved in a great way from the old days; it was used to be big black piece of cloth and now it has become a fashion aspect for the women.


Here are some popular style types of Saudi abaya, Scarf, Jijbab, Kaftan and Hijab designs we would like to enlighten you:

Saudi Abaya Designs for Women

Every country has its own traditions but in case of abaya’s, Arabic abaya designs are considered the most stylish and traditional form of burqa. Best quality fabric is used in these Saudi Abaya Designs, which provides you with the best comfort level, it is simple yet stylish.


The best thing about these burqa’s is that they still maintain the original flavor of loose style clothing along with the modern designs and trends that add the fashion feature in it too. They cover the whole body and women from all ages feel comfortable wearing them. You can use them on any formal or casual party and look stunning.


Stylish Dubai Abaya Designs

They are a perfect mix of western and eastern culture. These designs are used mostly by the women of Dubai and other Muslim countries. They assure your comfort and fashion level by having unique Dubai Abaya designs and styles.


They are sometimes used as a part of the dresses you are wearing, or in some cases it used as an abaya that also reveals the beautifully designed dress underneath. These types of abays’s are found in different colors along with the different embroidery items used on them in a sophisticated and stylish method.


Popular Abaya Designs

  • Kaftan Style Abaya
  • Floral style Abaya
  • Open Style Abaya
  • Standard A-line Abaya
  • Butterfly Abaya Designs

Colored Abaya and Burqa

Once it was only a black cloth covering a woman. Now due to increase in fashion sense there is a vast range of designs and colors in abayas. Many fashion artists and designers have worked on abaya to make them look more like a dress, which completes its purpose of covering the body and also stylish at the same time.


These abaya’s not only give you advantage of wearing over your dresses but they also add to the beauty with the help of different stylish materials.

Occasional Wear Abaya

These abaya have such elegant designs that you can wear them at a family dinner or a party. They have a light touch of embroidery and some also have simple gem work to make them look simply classic and perfect for a dinner party.


You can also wear them on a girl’s day out making you standout from rest of your group in a simple yet stylish way.

Stylish Embroidered Abaya Designs

These are the type of abaya; you can wear on a wedding ceremony or a formal party. These abaya have a versatile kind of embroidery, gemstone specifically of gold, silver, and cooper that give you a perfect look for parties. They are mostly handmade which gives your abaya a neat and elegant look.


As we are well aware that world’s fashion sense is changing drastically, clothes are becoming skinnier and revealing, but yet these elegant abaya are the best way to look classy and elegant. If we observe, we will find out women look more stunning and gorgeous in full covering of their body so, these abaya’s are the best find for them.

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